About Svitzer Music

Our story

Founded in the summer of 2022 Svitzer Music is an independent record label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The label is a result of a longstanding collaboration between music publisher Johan Svitzer and musicologist Sofie Ree.

Sofie earned her Master’s degree in musicology from the University of Copenhagen in 2018, and since then she’s mainly been working with administration, fundraising and cultural communication. The classically trained percussionist, Johan finished his studies at the Danish National Academy of Music in 2002, and in 2007 he established Edition Svitzer, a publishing house specializing in quality sheet music by modern composers.  Since then Edition Svitzer’s catalogue has expanded rapidly, and today it includes composers from all around the world. The publishing house is well-established on the global publishing scene and regularly participates in foreign trade fairs and festivals, including the Stuttgart-based World Marimba Competition and PASIC, a percussion event held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana, US.

Our specialty is contemporary percussion and neoclassical releases, and since Edition Svitzer has already built a global network of artists operating within these fields, many of them are now also releasing through Svitzer Music. Gradually adding more momentum to our schedule, we regularly release music videos, which are usually produced by German Roschkov Media. We believe in the versatility and importance of high quality music and give every artist or composer who works with us the possibility of also releasing sheet music through Edition Svitzer.

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